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    The Wizard of Speed & Time  -  March 14, 2010

    Still Kickin!  -  February 21, 2007

Wow! It's been a long time...we're fine. Life (and death) has smacked us around, but we're still here. Havn't done any site stuff for a while, time to get back in practice...I miss it. Will post again soon! Great to be back in business...Time to catch up.

    Rest in Peace Casey  -  May 23, 2005

    Sweet 5 String  -  February 6, 2005

Big thanks to Kenny for letting me play his awsome new bass! Click on the image to enlarge.

    DSL  -  January 12, 2005

Welcome Verizon DSL to Montross! It's about time! Broadband is now available in our little town.

    Happy Holidays Everyone!  -  December 23, 2004

Don't know how much we'll be around until the new year so everyone have a great one and stay safe!

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