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We will help you plan the look of your new web site and assist you with any pictures or graphics you may need. No one knows better than you how you want your company represented on the web.

For example, if your business is a restaurant, then phone numbers, business hours and a location map, are a must. A page including your menu would also be helpful so local patrons could just pull it up on their computer, then call you up with that large take out order.

Your site will be designed by you, and built by us. During this process, just think of your new web site as an interactive newspaper ad for your business that can be seen by anyone on a computer with internet access. You will be presented a draft on paper that can be altered to your specifications. Once this step is completed and approved by you, the construction of your web site will begin.

Once you decide on a domain name, we will check for availibility, register it for you, and maintain it. You will be billed for the initial registration fee, and then once a year it must be renewed. You can choose to be billed once per year, or it can be spread out.

If you already own your domain name, or wish to maintain it yourself, that is fine. Just remember, if for any reason you forget, or are unable to renew it, your site will just disappear, and your domain name will become available to anyone that might want it. That's why it is our pleasure to take care of these small details for you, and allow you to worry about other matters. Once we purchase your domain name for you, you will own it. RC² does not "horde" domain names, and we have no desire to own yours. top of page

We will arrange for your site to be hosted on a dependable hosting service. This service provides some extra features, such as mail boxes, the capability to run scripts, etc...

Anything that needs to be done on your end, like setting up mail boxes, we will be happy to help you with. How other extras might apply to your particular web site will be discussed with you during the web page development process.

Rest assured, the web hosting process will be painless. top of page

How will people find your site on the internet?

Meta tags describing your site and specific key words will be entered into your site's code so people can find your site on the web. Many search engines, such as Google, use spiders or crawlers that constantly jump from link to link on the web, updating their data base. They have a formal submission process as well. Other popular search engines such as Yahoo! and Excite, use a formal submission process.

The best method of submitting to search engines is an ongoing process so this section will be updated often. top of page

Once your site is complete, it will be copyrighted under your company name and you will own it. Graphics and Logos will also become your property.

This is a straight forward proposition. Once you purchase your web site, the site and all of its contents become your property and is then copyrighted under your company's name. If for any reason you wish to discontinue your account, the most recent update of your web site will be provided to you on a standard 3.5" floppy disk. Each page will contain a copyright symbol, a self updating to and from date, and your company's name. (see copyright below)

Please Note: All sites will also contain a link to this site as long as you have an account with us. This lets others that visit your site find us if they are interested in our work. top of page

A back up copy of your site will be made after every update or change. We back up often to prevent the loss of hours and hours of work. Also, as stated in the copyright section, if for some reason you decide to discontinue our service, the most recent copy of your web site will be provided to you on a 3.5" floppy disk.

As long as your letting us provide you with our quality web services, you will never need to worry about this. top of page

Local Pricing only available at this time.
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